May 01

Mulholland Drive is an iconic Los Angeles landmark, and a big piece of the county’s history. Immortalized in the 2001 film that shares its name, as well as through mentions in several popular songs, it is best known for its outstanding lookout points over the city.

The twisting road was built in 1924 and is named after its creator, LA Water Bureau Chief and City Engineer William Mulholland. An Irish immigrant, Mulholland was a self-taught engineer who rose through the ranks of the city by sheer determination. He is most know for building the Los Angeles Aqueduct in 1913, one of the more controversial projects the city has seen.

His vision was to create a road that would take people from the congestion of the big city out into the mountains, for the beautiful views and fresh air. There are seven designated lookout points along the way, as well as tourist facilities. The road also provides access to two public parks–Franklin Canyon Park and Fryman Canyon Park.

The road winds through the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains, which are a perfect escape from city life. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails, camping, or just quickly stopping by to catch a view and some fresh air. The seven designated overlooks offer views of famous LA landmarks, such as the Hollywood Bowl, Downtown Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains, Stone Canyon Reservoir, Simi Valley, the San Fernando Valley, and on a clear day even the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. The Mulholland Highway, which is the longer extension of the scenic drive, begins just north of LA in Calabasas, and terminates at Leo Carrillo State Beach.

To get to Mulholland Drive from the Comfort Inn at Woodland Hills, you have several options. There are numerous points of entry along the road itself, but the far western end of Mulholland drive is the closest to the hotel. This can be found by taking either the Ventura Freeway or Ventura Boulevard, and then turning right to head up into the mountains.

There are several twisting roads that will take you directly to the starting point, or you can opt for the San Diego Freeway (405), which will bring you slightly past the beginning of Mulholland Drive (and past the Grove Viewpoint) but save you some extra turns. Both routes are roughly eight miles from the Comfort Inn and is about a twenty to twenty-five minute drive away.

Book your stay today at Comfort Inn Woodland Hills and take a spin on the world-famous Mulholland Drive!

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Apr 01

The affluent area of Woodland Hills in Los Angeles is right next to the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley. With Calabasas to its west, Tarzana to its east, West Hills and Canoga Park and Winnetka to its north and Santa Monica Mountains to its south, Woodland Hills enjoys a fascinating location. It is a popular tourist destination and also a critical transit point for those traveling along U.S. Route 101 or the Ventura Freeway and the Ventura Boulevard.

Best Restaurant in Woodland Hills, LA

Woodland Hills has dozens of popular restaurants. There is something for everyone regardless of the cuisine one is fond of. The most popular addresses serving American food are Tipsy Cow, Joey, and Eureka. Tipsy Cow is popular for burgers. It is a gastro pub on 21028 Ventura Blvd. Joey in Woodland Hills is at 6344 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Eureka is also known for its burgers. It has a full bar and is located at 6250 Topanga Canyon Blvd.

For Italian fare, you should head to Tuccio’s or Adagio Ristorante. Tuccio’s is a cocktail bar famous for its pizza. Adagio Ristorante is popular for its hearty and sumptuous meals. It is located on 22841 Ventura Blvd. If you want Mediterranean then you should be at Cava. It is at 6256 Topanga Canyon Blvd and is popular for its falafel, lentil nowls, and Mediterranean salads.

There are many other fine restaurants and it is quite a challenge to pick out the best restaurant in Woodland Hills, LA. Mon Ramen is a popular sushi bar famous for its ramen noodles. Poke Bar is known for its Hawaiian and Japanese dishes. Tomato Patch is where you would be able to quench your appetite for salads. Gasolina Café is famous for brunches; It specializes in Spanish cuisine.

Finding a Hotel in Woodland Hills

Comfort Inn Woodland Hills is a 3 Diamond AAA quality hotel in Woodland Hill. If you want to stay in Woodland Hills nearby Hollywood and for a reasonable rate then Comfort Inn is an ideal hotel. Our hotel is convenient to Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Brothers Studio Tours Burbank, Disneyland in Anaheim, Los Angeles Zoo and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. There are 90 guest rooms with premium bedding, coffee makers, irons and ironing boards, hairdryers, work desks, complimentary internet and newspaper, microwaves and refrigerators in select rooms and a host of options to choose from in our complimentary breakfast. Book your stay today directly on our website where you will find our lowest rates online.

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Mar 15

Woodland Hills will never disappoint a foodie. Even if you are on a culinary expedition, you will have your wishes satiated by the diversity and the quality of the foods served at restaurants in Woodland Hills.

Top Ranked Restaurants in Woodland Hills

Tipsy Cow is a popular joint, especially known for its burgers. A bar and gastro pub at 21028 Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills, you could take away or have food delivered where you are.

Joey Woodland Hills is where you should visit if you like American cuisine. Located at 6344 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Joey has a jolly setting and is ideal for small or large groups. There’s table service.

Tuccio’s is your Italian haven in Woodland Hills. There’s a cocktail bar and the place is best known for its pizza. The place is a relatively new address but it has already attained substantial popularity.

Mon Ramen is a sushi bar and specializes in ramen noodles. It is located at 20839 Ventura Blvd. The food is great, the prices are reasonable and the service is good.

Poke Bar specializes in Japanese and Hawaiian cuisines. Located at 6215 Topanga Canyon Blvd, the place is popular among commuters, locals, and tourists. The servings are quite generous at this joint.

Cava is where you should be to try Mediterranean in Woodland Hills. Located at 6256 Topanga Canyon Blvd, the joint serves amazing lentil nowls, falafel, and Mediterranean salads.

Adagio Ristorante is another Italian hotspot. Located at 22841 Ventura Blvd, the place is great for couples. The food is sumptuous, filling and hearty.

Tomato Patch is a café in Woodland Hills. Located at 19730 Ventura Blvd, Tomato Patch serves some amazing salads. If you are on a diet, then this is where you ought to be.

Eureka is a bar catering American cuisine. Try the burgers here at 6250 Topanga Canyon Blvd. The staff at this place is quite friendly which is a bonus.

Gasolina Café is known for its brunches, Spanish delicacies, and coffee. You should also try out the teas here. Located at 21014 Ventura Blvd the restaurant is one of the best in Woodland Hills.

Finding a Hotel in Woodland Hills

Comfort Inn Woodland Hills is befitting for business and leisure travelers. The convenient location, the onsite amenities, the reasonable rates and the quality of hospitality will ensure you have a great stay at our Woodland Hills hotel. Comfort Inn Woodland Hills offers proximity to fine dining, nightlife and many of Los Angeles’ top attractions.

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Mar 01

Woodland Hills is one of the nicest neighborhoods of Los Angeles, located beside the Santa Monica Mountains in the famous San Fernando Valley. Woodland Hills is surrounded by Tarzana, Topanga, and Calabasas, and is just a short distance away from the popular Malibu Beach. It is a very nice place for hiking, biking, and enjoying nature among other things. There are also many other entertaining and fun activities which you can do in Woodland Hills. Ventura Boulevard is a place where you will find many shops, pubs, bars and restaurants, making Woodland Hills one of the most upscale destinations to visit in The San Fernando Valley.

Where to Go and What to See in Woodland Hills, CA

There are many places of interest in Woodland Hills, which you can visit. This neighborhood is home to the Woodland Hills Country Club, which is an exclusive golf club. There you can enjoy playing on championship golf courses, enjoy fine dining in some of the restaurants or enjoy other entertainment options.

Woodland Hills Recreation Center is a nice park to visit in Woodland Hills, where you can find a small indoor gym that is often used as an auditorium. This park also features a baseball field, a few basketball courts, children`s playgrounds, football field, tennis courts, and many picnic tables. The Warner Ranch Park is another place to go, where you can enjoy having picnics in a quiet area, well equipped with benches, restroom and children`s play areas. On the western side of Woodland Hills, you can visit the large Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve. There are lots of trails in Woodland Hills, great for mountain-biking, hiking or horseback riding.

Serrania Park in Woodland Hills is an unstaffed, scenic and relatively small park where you can go hiking on some of the many hiking trails, enjoy picnics with your family or take your children to enjoy in the play area designed for them. Serrania Park Trail in Woodland Hills stretch over two miles. The trail is moderate and there are many places along the way where you can enjoy great views of the surrounding area. The Serrania Park Trail is mostly used for hiking, mountain biking, and running, and is also accessible all year long.

Where to Stay in Woodland Hills

Comfort Inn Woodland Hills is a great accommodation options if you are visiting Woodland Hills. With affordable rates, you can enjoy a nice family holiday, romantic getaway, or business trip in Woodland Hills. Regardless of your needs, you will always feel welcome and comfortable at Comfort Inn Woodland Hills. From our hotel, you can quickly reach many Hollywood and Los Angeles attractions, such as the Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles Zoo, Disneyland, and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Book your stay in Woodland Hills today at

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Feb 15

People love nature. This is a phenomenon that’s easy to explain. The explanation lies in evolutionary biology. Humans have evolved to be one with nature. Since ancient times, we have eaten, slept, walked, ran, drank, and lived in nature. The scenic greenery is something that triggers a primal mechanism in our bodies and we seem to gravitate towards it based on instinct. Try to name a single person you know that hates nature. Even the biggest cynics, hermits, and misanthropes all have some kind of a deeper appreciation of nature. This is due to the unbreakable bond that humans have with nature. But enough about philosophy. We have one place that we’d like to recommend you to visit. And it’s called Las Palmas Park.

Las Palmas Park 101

Of all the places to explore near Woodland Hills, Las Palmas Park should be a top priority on any person’s list for places to explore in the area. It’s one of the most beautiful parks we have ever seen, and trust us, we have seen some parks in our lifetime. Why is this so? What makes this park so unique and beautiful?

Well, words alone can’t really do justice for the beauty of this park. In fact, it’s a well-known fact among many travelers of the world that a place can be best experienced when you see it yourself. So, our advice to you is to come and visit the site of this park, especially if you, like us, are a lover of nature.

The park itself, besides being beautiful in its natural greenery and watery surfaces, offers some man-made embellishments of the place. For example, there’s a children’s playground in the area. This is an excellent way to provide fun and entertainment for your kids. They’ll be able to hang out and play with other children of their age, and make friends all the while. And as we all know, being social from an early age is a prerequisite for a normal psychological development of any person. Your children will be grateful for this when they grow up.

Moreover, there’s a tennis court here. Tennis is an excellent, competitive way to bond with your friends. At the same time, you’ll be moving your body in a vigorous manner and you’ll enjoy the benefits of physical exercise.

There’s a dog park area as well, perfect for any dog owner. The dog park is an excellent place to train your dog, and to let it socialize with other dogs in the process.

All in all, this is an excellent place where you could be spending your spare time with your friends and family, or even by yourself.

Accommodation Options

While it’s true that the entire area is full of accommodation options, it’s never an easy task to find an affordable hotel near a tourist attraction. Luckily, you can contact us at Comfort Inn Woodland Hills. We offer relatively affordable accommodation near a popular tourist hotspot. You’ll be able to get to Las Palmas Park in no time and enjoy your time there.

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Jan 31

Woodland Hills is one of those places in the United States that people can visit all year round. It is not just the beautiful climate that makes Woodland Hills attractive. In addition to the many attractions, parks, restaurants, bars, landmarks, museums, galleries, historic places, Woodland Hills is also known for the many events that take place there every year. Winter does not have any effect on these events as there are many Woodland Hills CA during this time of the year.

Event Near Woodland Hills This Winter

Munchkin Monday

There are many things to do in Woodland Hills CA for kids, but if you want to do something this winter, you should check out the Munchkin Monday events. They are organized by Sky High Sports trampoline park and allow children of all ages to enjoy the excitement that trampolines bring. These Monday events are held every Monday for the next 30 days.

Impressions Exhibition

Those interested in arts and culture can visit the Impressions Exhibition of drawings, paintings, and watercolors. The event is organized by the Canoga Park Youth Arts Center. The artwork displayed at this event was created by Louise Noonan and Nicqui Pearl Indics. Keep in mind that this event is held at Canoga Park, which is not too far away.

Cork Lunge Comedy

If you are a fan of comedy, it is definitely a good idea to check out Enjoy This Life’s Cork Lounge Comedy. This is one of the top things to do in Woodland Hills CA on the weekend. Only persons over the age of 21 are allowed to attend this event, hosted by Alex Gettlin (TMZ).

Mystery Book Club: A Great Reckoning by Louis Penny

Woodland Hills is a city that offers something for everyone. Even book lovers won’t be disappointed when they are in this city. For instance, on February 1st, 2017, book enthusiasts were able join a discussion dedicated to the latest book by Louise Penny, A Great Reckoning. The event is organized by the Friends of the Agoura Hills Library and it was held at the Agoura Hills Center.

February Comedy and Connections Breakfast

Many people visit Woodland Hills for business purposes too. This city has a strong economy and according to some experts, Woodland Hills will become an even more important financial center in coming years. One of the many things that make this city so attractive for business persons is the fact that the Chamber of Commerce is very active. During the month of February, they will organize the February Comedy and Connections Breakfast event which allows business men and women to strengthen their networking efforts.

Staying in Woodland Hills

Without any doubt, Woodland Hills is a place that is worth visiting. With all the interesting events taking place this winter, and year-round as well, Woodland Hills should definitely be your next holiday destination. If you are planning a visit and you need a place to stay, you can always rely on Comfort Inn. We are a reputable hotel and we always do our best to make sure your stay in Woodland Hills a true pleasure!

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Jan 20

Woodland Hills is a very interesting neighborhood in Los Angeles. In addition to a large number of manmade attractions in this area, visitors often come to Woodland Hills because they want to enjoy the natural beauties of the San Fernando Valley. Woodland Hills is situated in one of the most attractive parts of this valley, close to many mountains and many parks too. So, it is no surprise why people who enjoy hiking and outdoor activities often stop in Woodland Hills. As of late, there is a growing interest in visiting the Top of Topanga Overlook.

Top of Topanga Overlook: An Exciting Trail and Observation Point

Woodland Hills hiking provides locals and tourists amazing scenery and native landscape that promise great adventures. There are many hiking trails in this area that provides opportunities to explore the region and get in touch with nature to both experienced and amateur hikers. As previously mentioned, Top of Topanga Overlook is one of the best trails for activities like this.

Even though this is a well-known part of the region for hiking, the view that this location provides is always full of excitement and amazing views. Even on a sunny day when the weather is ideal, it is still a good idea to use this trail. It is probably that you may meet dozens of other fellow hikers while on your journey. Once you reach the edge of Topanga Overlook, you will be able to observe the Santa Susana Mountains, Calabasas, Santa Monica Mountains, San Gabriel Mountains and the famous Red Rock Canyon Park.

This hiking trail is two miles long and you should be prepared to hike in and back out if you want to use it. During the first mile, you should be prepared for a gradual increase in elevation. It’s good to point out that there is another route to this point which is used less frequently, though it is an unmarked trail. You can find this route between two fire roads at the Calabasas Peak, but we suggest that you don’t use it if this is your first time here.

The Top of Topanga Overlook has a wide range of amenities offered to all the visitors, such as informational displays, restrooms, benches and drinking fountains. If you are interested, you can organize a picnic here too. In case you want to experience this view, but you can’t get involved in hiking, you can use the parking site close to the overlook. Keep in mind that this lot has a capacity for a dozen of vehicles. Don’t forget that the road to this parking lot can be scary to those who have never used such road, so use it only if you are an experienced driver.

Woodland Hills Accommodation

The expansion of Woodland Hills has increased the accommodation capacity of this area. Visitors can now choose between different accommodation options. Those interested in staying in a nice, clean hotel that provides all the necessary amenities and services should take a look at Comfort Inn. This hotel is popular because of the reasonable prices and its great location. Next time you are in Woodland hills, stop by and we’ll show you what hospitality is all about.

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Dec 30

Woodland Hills is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Los Angeles and one of the reasons for that is the presence of many of LA’s top attractions. This is also an area important for the business community. One of the areas in Woodland Hills that represents the importance of this area is the Warner Center. Located just a couple of miles from Comfort Inn Woodland Hills, The Warner Center is a business development that attracts business people and other people from across the country.

This was a master-planned area in the beginning and today it is a designated Regional Center that is part of the Canoga Park, West Hills, Winnetka, and Woodland Hills Community Plan. This neighborhood within a neighborhood covers an area of around 1,100 acres or just 1.7 square miles. Yet, people who have been there, guarantee that this place is amazing.

The Warner Center: A Little History

The Warner Center got its name from Harry Warner. He was the eldest of the Warner Brothers and he owned this piece of land since the later 1940s. Back in those days, The Warner Center was just a horse ranch. Over the years, Harry and his family sold parts of the land and investors built residential units and office and commercial space. There is a so-called Warner Center 2035 Plan, which is focused on creation 49,000 jobs, 20,000 residential units and 14 million square feet of non-residential building area by 2035.

Basic Information

The Warner Center contains many different industries and companies. These companies and organizations are mostly focused on financial services, healthcare and professional services. There is a metro line that links this area with other parts of L.A.

Things to do in and around The Warner Center

First of all, those who like nature can visit the Warner Park, which was donated in the 1960s by the Warner family. This community green space provides a bandshell, a playground, and a nice picnic area. It is the perfect place when you want to avoid the noise of the busy streets of LA.

This is also a place where you will find the famous Westfield Promenade, but this is more or less a dead shopping mall. However, you can definitely spend some good time if you visit the AMC Promenade 16 movie theater. In case you are interested in shopping opportunities in this part of LA, head to the northern part of The Warner Center where you will find the Westfield Topanga Mall which is one of the largest malls in California. This mall has some Macy’s Target, Best Buy Mobile, Neiman Marcus, Chanel and Urban Outfitters stores. Additionally, you will find a few galleries and some great restaurants and bars in this part of Los Angeles.

Staying in Woodland Hills

There is no doubt that The Warner Center is a great tourist destination in Woodland Hills. If you want to enjoy your stay there, you’ll need an affordable guestroom in Woodland Hills. Comfort Inn Hotel Woodland Hills is your best option because we have great rooms at reasonable price.

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Dec 07

There are so many different things to see and do in Woodland Hills. The popular sandy beaches, excellent nightlife, fun theme parks and recreation areas are some of the most interesting things found in and around this city. There are also many people who are interested in museums and galleries because they know that Woodland Hills is considered to be a prominent center of art and culture in this part of California. If you are one of these people then you should check out the Andrei Duman Gallery.

Andrei Duman Gallery: History and Basic Information

Andrei Duman is a world-renowned aerial, landscape and travel photographer. He was born in Romania, got educated in England and now lives in Los Angeles. What is interesting about this artist is the fact that he has spent many years in different countries taking photos of exotic places like Greenland, Namibia, the Easter Island, and many other places. Not while ago, Andrei decided to open a unique gallery in Woodland Hills or the Westfield Topanga shopping center to be more precise.

What is unique about this gallery is that Andrei spent a significant amount of time to find the perfect lighting for this space. He wanted to present his work in the best possible way and used the help of the finest electricians.

Andrei Duman Gallery is an enclosed gallery which means that the photos and paintings presented there must be displayed in a more realistic way. He used special LED lights to achieve these effects. The gallery covers an area of 1500 square feet. Besides the ordinary way of displaying his work (photographs hanged on the wall), Andrei used special display trees that hang in the middle of the gallery and look like they are floating around.

The unique display of photos in the Andrei Duman Gallery allow the visitor to feel like there are in some of the most beautiful and exciting places in The World captured in these photos. Of course, thanks to his unique talent, this artist has managed to get the most from every photoshoot and he also added some personality to every picture found there.

This one-of-a-kind, captivating fine art gallery is open each day. Visitors can enjoy Andrei Duman’s work from Sunday through Thursday from 12 PM to 8 PM and Friday and Saturday from 12 PM to 9 PM.


There are many different events organized by the Andrei Duman Gallery. Most of these events are dedicated to Duman’s trips and photography from different countries even though there are some events where the work of other artists is displayed too.

Finding a Hotel in Woodland Hills, CA

Without any doubt, Woodland Hills is an important cultural center in The Valley. If you want to stay there for a few days you will need a good hotel near Woodland Hills. Comfort Inn is a beautiful Woodland Hills hotel with clean, neat and modern guestrooms. We also have top-notch hotel amenities and services. Find out more about our hotel here

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Nov 28

It is very easy to notice Woodland Hills when you are in the San Fernando Valley because this neighborhood is located high in the hills bordering the famous Santa Monica Mountains. Due to its good position, this area was inhabited eight millennia ago. Today, Woodland Hills is a prosperous neighborhood, part of Los Angeles, and home to more than 60,000 people. People visiting Los Angeles often visit Woodland Hills. This neighborhood is accessible by car from the 101 Freeway. You can use a car or a bus to get around this area. Woodland Hills has many attractions, interesting buildings, restaurants, stores and malls and few other things that can make your stay here exciting. If you are in Woodland Hills, we suggest visiting Hidden Hills City Hall. In fact, the smartest idea is to find a reputable Hidden Hills City Hall hotel option because the city hall is close to other attractions.

What is Hidden Hills City Hall?

Hidden Hills is actually a gated community within Woodland Hills neighborhood. It has its own city hall that attracts visitors from different parts of Los Angeles. The structure itself doesn’t have some significant architectural value, but the area around it is very interesting because it is bordering some beautiful estates. At this location, you can also find a relatively large parking lot and a gazebo that is frequently used by locals.

Basic information

Obviously, people use Hidden Hills City Hall for meetings and whenever there is a significant decision that has to be made by the local authorities the residents can share their opinion at the city hall. It’s good to know that the Hidden Hills City Hall is close to the Los Angeles pet cemetery, but what makes this area very special is the closeness to the famous Bell Canyon. This remarkable example of natural beauty in California includes the El Escorpion Park, Cheeseboro and Palo Comado Canyon and Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve. Most of these areas provide picturesque trails for mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and trekking. El Escorpion Park even allows the equestrian use of the trails.

There are many exclusive villas and estates located in this area that is worth seeing. As we said before Woodland Hills is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in LA so if people watching is your thing, Woodland Hills is the place to come gawk at celebrities.

Finding a hotel in Woodland Hills, CA

If you want to learn more about this area, then using a hotel near Hidden Hills City Hall as your base is probably a good option. Comfort Inn Woodland Hills is a Three Diamond AAA quality hotel situated close to Hidden Hills City Hall. Even though the price of the rooms is reasonable, the accommodation will provide a high level of comfort and convenience. There are 99 rooms in this hotel, but if you want to be sure that there will be a room waiting for you, it’s better to book in advance. Find out more about our Woodland Hills hotel here

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